Australian Packaging Covenant

Illawarra Smallgoods Pty Ltd is committed to the protection of our environment. We proactively reduce waste material entering land fill by recycling and reusing packaging that is made from cardboard, paper, plastic buckets, plastic bottles and timber pallets.

Illawarra Smallgoods Pty Ltd has been actively seeking recyclable and compostable packaging options and has altered the design of packaging to reduce the amount of material required to package quality food for our customers. We encourage our shop customers to bring their own bags, but have recyclable bags that are sturdy and designed to be used multiple times over.

Illawarra Smallgoods Pty Ltd is working in partnership with our label supplier to recycle label backing paper. This is redirecting tonnes of material annually into recycling and away from landfill.
We redirect clean packaging material through our shop, by offering bargain priced clean sturdy cartons for people who are packing up their belongings, and cleaned buckets with lids for reuse around the house or on that fishing trip.

Illawarra Smallgoods Pty Ltd has multiple systems in place to minimise energy consumption including advanced ecologically sustainable technology for waste water treatment and an extensive solar power installation.
Our next challenge is to find a service to recycle used soft plastic; so if you’re there, please contact us.