About us

Illawarra Meat Company is a local Wollongong family owned and operated fresh food business. Established by Gordon Hutton in February 1921 with one butcher shop in Woonona and a slaughter yard at Bellambi, the family has continued to provide fresh meat and locally produced ham and bacon to their customers continuously ever since.

The business has evolved through 4 generations and responded to many changes and challenges.  These have included the Great Depression in the 1930’s when there was no money, the Second World War when meat was rationed and the 1990’s Supermarket Shopping Centre Revolution when many butcher shops were closed. We continue to be the pre-eminent meat, sausage, ham and smallgoods producer in the Illawarra District.

Now managed by third and fourth generation descendents of Gordon Hutton the modern factory and attached factory shop, at Pringle Road Fairy Meadow, is a culmination of all these years of knowledge and experience in the meat industry.